Arbroath monument inscriptions

Inscriptions on stones in Arbroath

Erected by DAVID HOGG and MARGARET BALFOUR his wife in memory of their daughter AGNES who died in infancy.
Also their son DAVID who died 20 July 1867 aged 27 years much respected by his wife and friends.

Erected BY Alex Mill Flesher Arbroath and Jean Hogg his wife in memory of their Daughter Elizabeth who died 7th Nov 1837 aged 6 years
And MARGARET CROAL his mother in law who died 3rd June 1838 AGED 60 YEARS.
Their Son JAMES died the 3rd April 1842 aged 3 months
Their Daughter BETSY who died 22nd October 1816 aged 4 months
Also their Daughter ANN COWIE who died in Infancy
The above JEAN HOGG died on 22nd February 1853? in the 13th year of her age
JOHN died in the ..... .. April 1854(?1) Aged 28 Years
The above ALEXANDER MILL died 24 June 1874 aged 75 years

Erected by DAVID HOGG Mason Arbroath in memory of his father GEORGE HOGG who died the 1st June 1834 Aged 61 years
And of his Daughter ELIZABETH HOGG who died June 1854 in the 9th year of her age
Also of his wife MARGARET BALFOUR who died 15th April 1866 aged 53 years
And of his Daughter JANE HOGG who died 19th July 1866 aged 15 years
Also of his Son GEORGE HOGG who was lost at sea October 1861 aged 34 years
And of his Mother in Law ELIZABETH ROBERTSON who died 22nd March 1858 aged 82 years
In memory of the above DAVID HOGG who died 15th march 1881 Aged 74 Years. Much respected by his Daughter ANN. In memory of GEORGE M BOATH Montrose suddenly on 25th Sep 1886 Aged 42 Years
Also of his Son ROBERT Who died 3rd Oct 1885 Aged 3 Years 8 Months Dearly Beloved

1856 A voice was heard in Ramah. Lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel weeping for her children. She refused to be comforted for her ?lost? children because they were not ___ Thus sayeth the LORD. Refrain the voice from weeping and thine eyes from tears for thy work shall be? rewarded saith the LORD and ??? shall come again from the l.... of the enemy. Jeremiah XXXI:15
Here are deposited the remains of seven of the Children of WILLIAM HOGG Slater And MARY MACBAIN his wife.
JAMES Died 2nd July 1834
ANN ____ 9th July ____
THOMAS ____ 15th July ____
WILLIAM ____ 15th July ____
MARGARET ____ 17th July ____
HELEN ____ 10th June 18??
MARGARET ____ 27th June ____
The above MARY MACBAIN Died 20th Jan 1870 Aged 66
Also the above WILLIAM HOGG Died 21st July 1881 Aged ??

[There is a small stone next to the above with the name HOGG on and maybe a name Mary]

16 Dec 2004