Primary surnames being researched are:

With all these trees, I'm keen to get more information, if you can send me ged files to t. a. hogg @ they'd be welcomed.
A small mistake led me to trace 78 people with the surnames Claydon, Weston, and Oxbrow before I found it. For anyne who is interested here is the ged file. Oxbrow is quite a rare name and anyone researching that name might be interested in Valerie Stevenson's site or Steve Oxbrow's site.

1911 Census - It is now possible to get copies of returns for specific addreesses from. I thought I'd obtain one and write a bit about what it tells me.

Census dates

The family trees are generated using SeeGEDCOMX which is an excellent program allowing easy editing and navigation of your family tree. It stores data in ged files making data portable to any other good family history program, though I have yet to find one which is as easy to use.