Part II



List of Names Military Original : Pages 1 to 5 I

List of Names Naval Original : Page 6 VI

Original Military List

Page I
No. Rank Name of Soldier Regiment Sick or Wounded

1 Private Harold Maslin Army Service Corps

2 Private William Bradmore Army Service Corps

3 Captain Donald Grant Royal Field Artillery

4 Private Henry James Vincent Royal Field Artillery

5 Private Frank Newman Royal Field Artillery

6 Gunner Walter Ewers Royal Field Artillery

7 Lieut Montague Hartcup? Army Service Corps

8 Captain Meesom Davies H.M.Indian Expeditionary Force

9 Lieut Col Watson Indian Army

10 Brigadier Gen H. D. Watson Commanding Imperial Service Infantry Brigade in Egypt

11 Colonel C. E. Norrie Commanding 2nd Gurkha Rep in France

12 Private Percival Hopkins Honourable Artillery Corps

13 Private George Hallen Honourable Artillery Corps

14 Private Douglas Langton Honourable Artillery Corps

15 Private A. H. Simpson Royal Berks Regiment

16 Trooper Albert Seward Royal Berks Regiment

17 Private Henson Royal Berks Regiment

18 Private Sims Royal Berks Regiment

19 Private T. Halliday Royal Berks Regiment

20 Private Walter Smith Royal Berks Regiment

21 Private W. J. Daniels Royal Berks Regiment

22 Trooper Basil Workman Sea?? Bucks Yeomanry

23 Trooper Goddard Bucks Yeomanry

24 Trooper W. C. Hill Bucks Yeomanry

25 Private Barnard Smith Royal Scots Fusiliers

26 Private William Smith Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry

27 Rifleman Albert Drake Rifle Brigade in France

28 Trooper Richard burton Leicestershire Yeomanry

29 Private H. C. Rose Royal Berks Regiment

30 Lieut Arthur Lynden Bell Seaforth Highlanders

31 Sapper H. Hill Royal Engineers

32 Private Arthur Hill Army Service Corps

33 Trooper William Connington Hill Berks Yeomanry

34 Private Walter Hill

35 Private A. W. Thackway R.A.M.C

Gordon Sutton Canada

Basil Sutton

Page II
38 Pioneer M. Tilmore Royal Engineers

39 Private H. Tilmore Royal Berks Regiment

40 Private A. Tilmore Royal Berks Regiment

41 Sergt Ernest Hicks Army Veteran Corps

42 Lieut J. S. Harrison

43 Major Brooke Morton Army Service Corps

44 Colonel Donald Bachanan Dunlop

45 Colonel Archie Bachanan Dunlop

46 Lieut George Boucher Highland

47 Driver A. G. F. Hill Army Service Corps

48 Major Bertram Weldon Lanc Fusiliers

49 Major H. T. Weldon Leinsters

50 Corpl William Corke Army Service Corps

51 Lieut Leslie Allen Royal Berks Regiment

52 Private Fred Lawrence

53 Private William Cash

54 Private Richard Arthur Cooper

55 Sergt Joseph Perris?

56 Private H Taylor

57 Air Mech Stanley White Royal Flying Corps

58 Air Mech Air Mech Reginald White Royal Flying Corps

59 Corpl Victor Montague

60 Sapper Victor Welman Royal Engineers

61 Sapper Thomas Welman Royal Engineers

62 Pioneer Harold Hearn Royal Engineers

63 Private Leonard Cozens Oxon & Bucks Regiment

64 Private William Cozens Royal Field Artillery

65 Private Roland Cozens R.A.M.C

66 Rifleman Ralph Hancock

67 Private J Brown

68 Major Edward Gilmore B.E.F. France

69 Gunner E. Spokes

70 Private Alfred Beard (Chatham Street) B.E.F. France Severely wounded recently

71 Private W. Wenham

72 Lieut R. Moon

73 Lieut R. Newbury
Page III
74 Lieut S. Newbury

75 Private William Show 11th Hussars

76 Private H. P. Webber Coldstream Guards

77 Corpl Harold Clacy? Coldstream Guards

78 Private Alfred Edward Griffiths (Gt Knollys St)

79 Private J. C. Jones (Church Army Captain) Army Service Corps B.E.F. France

80 Sapper William Gee Royal Engineers

81 Rifleman W. R. Lawrence Queen Victoria Rifles Gassed + Wounded

82 Sergt William Hopkins

83 Corpl Frank Hopkins

84 Private James Henry Warwick Honourable Artillery Company

85 Private Sidney Amps A.S.CMT. B.E.F.

86 Private Howard Maximilian Wise

87 Private Gordon Wise

88 Private Leonard Dunster

89 Trooper Frank Dunster

90 Private Jack Dunster

91 Private George Heddesley

92 Private Frank Gant

93 Private G. E. Lawrence

94 Private William Smith 74 Batt; Canadian Regiment

95 Private George Laws Hants Regiment Once gassed, twice wounded

96 Captain George Herbert

97 Private Reginald Herbert Essex Regiment

98 Private Charles Herbert Army Service Corps

99 Private Joseph Herbert R.A.M.C

100 Lieut R. Watson

101 Lieut Stanley Arthur Palmer Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry

102 Captain Trewin

103 Private Vernon Lindars Royal Horse Artillery

104 Private Alec Easter Army Service Corps

105 Private Claude Holmes? R.M.A.

106 Private Guy Ernest Plismall

107 Colonel Lynden Bell R.A.M.C

108 Lieut Qtr Master Arthur Lynden Bell Head Quatermaster's Staff

109 Lieut Qtr Master H. G. Rogers R.W. Kent

Page IV
110 Private James Basden Barnes R.W. Kent

111 Lieut Arnold Cobb

112 Captain Arthur Frederick Hunt King's Liverpool

A. C. Dickinson Brown 9th London Regiment

114 Private George Barnes

115 Private George Solleway 1st Royal Scots' Fusiliers

116 Private F. C. Robertson Camerons

117 Corpl William Mockford 2nd Devon Regiment

118 Private Charles Stewart 2nd West Yorks

119 Private Sidney Hinson

120 Private Percy Hinson

121 Private Frank Bagley

122 Signaller Herbert Gilkes King's Royal Rifle Corps

123 Private Albert Doc Royal Berks Regiment

Hugh Francis Gilmore

125 Lieut Colin Lynden Bell

126 Captain Bird

127 Captain C. French 2nd D.G.

128 Trooper Dean 2nd D.G.

129 Trooper Silver Life Guards

130 Sergt Willis 13th Hussars

131 Private David Rose 3rd Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry

132 Private Charles Rose Royal Berks Regiment

133 Private T. R. Smith King Edward Horse

134 Lieut Eric Ea[n|u]?

135 Private Herbert Bennett 2nd Wilts Regiment

136 Private Gulch

137 Private Willmott

138 Driver Horace Darling Royal Engineers

139 Private Lewis Darling

140 Private L. A. Walker Honourable Artillery Company

141 Sapper Frank Walker Royal Engineers

142 Lieut Andrew Jarman Lyneside Fusiliers

143 Sapper Cecil Henry Elvin Royal Engineers

144 Private Albert Claude Elvin R.A.M.C

145 Lieut Guy Henry Woodman Royal Flying Corps

Page V
146 Private Stuckey

Albert Hill

148 Major K. C. Weldon Warwickshire Regiment

Godfrey Kent Warwickshire Regiment

150 Private L. A. Pendery? 10th Co 2nd Hants

151 Sergt Harry Hollis Shropshire Yeomanry

152 Rifleman W. H. Lawrence Queen's Royal Rifles Sick

Percy Hickman N.C. Corps France

W. Gibbs

155 Lieut Frank Exler

156 Corpl Percy Lowe

157 Trooper F. W. Seamons Lincolnshire Yeomanry, Egypt

158 Captain J. H. Seamons Leicester Regiment

159 Private Percy Hall

160 Corpl Bradshaw

161 Private Leonard Heath

162 Private Arthur Norman Wiltshire Regiment

163 Private Frank Young North Wales Regiment

164 Private Kitt R.E. Telegraphist

165 Sergt Sidney Albury

166 Private Edward Young

167 Private F. G. Angliss Bedfordshire Regiment

168 Private Charles Holdway

169 Private Ernest Johnson Oxon & Bucks Light Infantry

Stanley Lumb

Sidney Vickers

Alfred Ptovost Australian Imperial Force

John Provost Australian Imperial Force

174 Signaller V. Lester Royal Berks Regiment

175 Private A. Lester Royal Berks Regiment

176 Lieut Noel Sutton

Original Naval List:

No. Rank Name of Sailor Ship &c Sick or Wounded
Page VI
1 Seaman George Edward Wise H.M.S. Prince of Wales

2 Cadet Arthur Powell H.M.S. Edgar

3 Seaman Graham Farquharson H.M.S. Collingwood

4 Seaman Norman Goodall H.M.S. Iron Duke

5 Seaman Maurice Butler H.M.S. Monarch

6 Seaman George Butler H.M.S. Bau?ante

7 Seaman Arthur Mansford H.M.S. Cumberland

8 Seaman Percival John Robbins H.M.S. Queen

9 Seaman Charles Barnes H.M.S. Venerable

10 Captain Waller Richard P. Boult??? Royal Marine Artillery

11 (Officer) Harry Farquharson (his title unknown) Royal Marine Light Infantry

12 Sergt Samuel Searle Royal Marine Light Infantry

George Dean (title unknown) Royal Naval Division

14 Seaman Thomas Edwin Jackson H.M.S. Aerculls

15 Airman Geroge Sleep Royal Naval Air Service

16 Warrant Officer Trewin H.M.S. Lion

Lionel Percy Benham Submarine

William Henry Benham Royal Marine Light Infantry

Charles Eighteen Royal Naval Air Service
RG10; Piece: 1284; Folio: 35; Page: 16
John Whale Royal Navy

21 Seaman Archie Bennett H.M.S. Emperor of india