The Joyces of Blackfordby

The research for this tree was started having seen the work that was done by Matthew Ingle Joyce He wrote a book for private circulation called The Joyces of Blackfordby and Boothorpe around 1896. The Joyce family is related through the Hall family to the Sherard family. Taking these lines as a basis I have aimed to verify the assertions it makes with census data and birth, marriage, and death records. Along the way I have discovered a little of the Ward family who passed through Blackfordby and their relationship to Carrington, Fowler, Yates, Smith. MIJ's daughter married a Cripps and I have followed that line too. mainly because of the middle name MIJ inherited from his mother I have followed the Ingle family who appear to abruptly die out in the 1850s. One reason for this is that a number of them emmigrated and settled in Texas.

7 Jul 2011