The following stones are in the Auld Aisle Cemetery at Kirkintilloch. The Hogg and Graham stones are next to each other but the Somerville stone is located elsewhere.


Erected by DAVID HOGG in loving memory of his wife JANET HORN HENDERSON died 22nd august 1939, aged 75 years
Also thir son GEORGE HENDERSON HOGG killed in action at Loos 26th September 1915, aged 25 years
The above DAVID HOGG died 4th November 1942, aged 81 years
also their daughter ELIZABETH BIRRELL died 20th March 1956, aged 61 years
and their son HALL PRINGLE SIGLEY HOGG died 15th February 1974, aged 71 years
and his wife ANNIE MABEL JOYCE died 17th March 1992, aged 83 years
Hogg stone

In loving memory of Alexander Knox Graham died 8th Aug 1958 aged 74 years beloved husband of Lillias G Hogg
William Craig Leggatt died 2nd April 1962 aged 53 years beloved husband of Janet H. H. Graham
The above Lillias G. Hogg died 20th December 1969 aged 82 years
The above Janet H.H. Graham beloved wife of William Craig Leggatt died 20th August 1990 aged 80 years
also his son John Graham died 4th April 1992 aged 78 years

Graham stone

IN affectionate remembrance of Robert J. Somerville died 28th Dec. 1963
And of his wife Janet Sigley Hogg Died 5th July 1973 in her 75th year

Somerville stone

10 May 2009