Various memorial inscriptions

Various memorial inscriptions

South Stoke

War memorial, outside St Andrew's church. SU598836
Front To the glory of God in ever greatful memory of the men of South Stoke who laid down their lives in the Great War 1914 - 1919
Right George Augustus Leach
Frederick Francis Lewington
Albert Small
Alfred Small
William Small
Walace Leigh Vickery
Vivian Robert White
Left Ernest Frederick Allum
Ernest George Broadway
Frederick James Goodenough
Frederick Green
Ernest James Hall
Frederick Charles Hall
Arthur Kew
Back Their name shall endure for ever
Around the stepsAnd in 1939 - 1945
David Gordon Hall    Thomas George P?
Vincent Spriggs


Two war memorials in parish church on north wall.

In Honoured Memory of the Men of Ipsden who gave their lives in the Great War. 1914 - 1918.
C. E. Cook J. E. H. Coombes
J. Cook A. Lee
E. W. Greenway E. W. Osman
M. F. Williams J. George
A. C. Greenway R. B. Lindsay
C. George H. C. Archer
V. F. Williams F. Wells
J. Hartnoll H. House
R. Butler
In Grateful Memory of the Men from Ipsden who gave thir lives in the Second Great War 1939 - 1945
Harry L. Deacon
John Williams Lane
Ben Remnant
Eric C. Soanes

War memorial, on path south of church, SU633855

In Grateful Memory of the men from Ipsden who gave their lives 1914 - 1918
C. E. CookJ. CookE. W. Greenway
M. F. WilliamsA. G. Greenway
V. F. WilliamsJ. HartnollC. George
R. ButlerJ. E. H. CoombesA. Lee
E. W. OsmanJ. GeorgeR. D. Lindsay
The following also served:-
P. J. AllawayJ. FostenW. Pepler
W. ArcherC. GeorgeF. Prior
C. BurtonJ. GeorgeA. B. Roe
T. BurtonT. GeorgeE. J. Rollings
W. BurtonR. GoffA. Smith
F. ButcherJ. GreenI. Smith
W. ButcherJ. GreenoughS. Smith
A. ButlerL. GreenwayL. Street
W. ButlerJ. A. HiggsW. Wadley
W. ChaplinJ. HiggsH. H. M. Warner
C. T. CookW. HockeyL. C. Warner
T. M. CookS. KingW. E. Warner
A. CorderyJ. R. LeeM. Wells
W. CorderyD. LindsayW. Wells
W. DawsonJ. LindsayH. Wilkinson
A. DruceT. LongA. F. Williams
G. EssA. Osman
J. EversdenH. Osman
And in hallowed memory of those men who gave their lives
H. L. Deacon
J. Williams Lane
B. J. F. Remnant
E. C. Soanes
All you had hoped for, all you had,
You gave to save mankind,
Yourselves you scorned to save.

Memorial to lightening victims

This stone is at the corner of a field, not obviously near any track. Grid ref: SU629848. It is inscribed only on the south side as far as I can tell. The north side is so weathered that most of the face has falen off.
Near this stone Charles Goodd and Thomas Prior both aged 10 years were killed by lightening also two horses May 2n d 1834. Jn Dodd, tenant. Beware lest he take thee away with his stroke. 36 Job 18


This stone is in a triangular wood not far from the main road at SU627850.
John Thurlow Reade
November 13th AD 1827
Alas my brother

28 Dec 2006