Valder genealogy


This is a part of my family tree, it centres around George Valder (1831-1914) though there are many branches I've managed to follow. All these Valders are descended from John Valder (1805-1887) and Catherine Rolfe (1803-1881). George lived for some time in Southampton and had two wives and nine children. From here his children went to London, Croydon New South Wales and New Zealand.

VALDER is quite a rare name, I've not worked out where it originates from but I understand there is a town in Germany which has a fair number of Valders, so it may be from there that the name originates. Most of the UK Valder family roots are in Kent with the exception of a family from Banff, Scotland. Julie Cheesman has more information on the other Valder branches

George's son George (1861-1950) went to Australia, he and some of his descendents became well known. It appears that other Valders went to Australia in the early 1900s and 1950s. I don't know where the immigrants to Victoria in the 1900s came from but I believe that the migrants from the 1950s came from Germany.

It is said that George's son Henry (1862-1950) went to New Zealand when his father remarried as he was not keen on his father's new wife. It may therefore have caused him some concern that his father followed little more than ten years later with his new wife and some of his other children. I was told that the family decided New Zealand wasn't big enough for all of them and that some went on to Australia, but this like some other tales may not be true. Henry became well known and so was relatively easy to find out about, however for some time I knew nothing about his half brothers (Ro)Bert and John. John had three children at Te Kauwhata, NZ and Robert had at least seven (maybe as many as thirten) at Gisborne, Hamilton, and Dargaville. It is this branch of the family that I know almost nothing about. There are a number of Valders living in New Zealand who I believe to be descended from Robert and John. I'd be interested to see how they all fit into the picture.

George's Grandparents are unknown. I can't find baptism records that I can be confident are for either of his parents. John and Catherine came from the Sandwich, Sellinge, Elham (Kent) area, but I can't see how they might relate to other Valders in the area yet.

George's elder brother Henry (1828-1904) was a tax man like his father. He had eleven children. Six children were born in Hamersmith. Having moved around for a bit he settled in Stone, Staffs. Five sons married, 2 lived in London, 1 in Chester, 1 in Yorkshire and the last remained in Stone. There are still some loose ends I'd like to tidy up in this area.